Portuguese scientists make mind control a reality

Portuguese scientists make mind control a reality

Mind control is a myth we have all heard of, controlling something or someone with the power of the mind. Well at least that was a myth until now, with Portuguese scientists discovering the secret of Mind Control.

In this video below they show us how a pilot controls a mini aircraft with only his mind, almost in the same way you would do with a remote control.

Even watching it work in this video, it still doesn’t make sense and almost looks farfetched but it is definitely a reality. This opens the world up to new possibilities, just imagine the gaming industry getting a hold of this technology! They even mention in the future being able to control every day appliances, like switching on the lights or controlling the TV all with your mind.

But for now the goal is perfecting the technology they have now with larger aircrafts hoping that one day even paraplegic people could fly plains.

Welcome to the future, it is here!

Check out: euronews.com