Portuguese shark holds the world record

Portuguese shark holds the world record
Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

I’m sure most of us have a fear of sharks, so bad in fact, that we are too scared to swim in our oceans. But I promise you that you won’t need to be afraid of this shark as most of its captures were at record levels.

The Portuguese shark holds the record for deepest caught shark at around 8,920 feet where normal species are found at around 3,000 feet.

Usually they grow to a length of about 4 feet in length, with no anal fin and two small dorsal fins.

Portuguese sharks most often consume bottom-dwelling fish, sea snails, slugs, cowries, limpets, squids and octopuses. They are scavengers and often hunt at night, but with those deep sea levels I’m sure it is night all the time.

A pretty interesting fact regarding the female Portuguese shark is that they can give birth to up to 29 babies at a time.

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