Portuguese Submarines Weaponry Modernization


The Portuguese Defence Ministry is going to install a new generation of self-propelled missile torpedoes for their Trident-class submarines.

The new weaponry of the Portuguese navy submersibles ,called “Black Shark” , is an advanced, long-range, multi-purpose, heavy weight combat torpedo, designed and developed in cooperation with the Italian Navy.

The most important feature of the “Black Shark” torpedoes is its “ stealth” capacity, which makes it undetectable to conventional radar equipment.

The torpedo can be deployed to defend any surface or underwater targets and can be launched from submarines, surface vessels or land stations.

The Portuguese Navy has a total of thirty seven operational ships ,the main strike combat  force being 5 frigates and 2 attack submarines.

The Portuguese navy units are integrated in the warfare chessboard of the military command of the of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to defend from outside aggression to any country member state of the European Community.