The most Portuguese town in Portugal

Monsanto, Portugal

Let’s face facts: Any place that has a superlative in its name is pretty much our jam. And Monsanto, Portugal is no exception.

The ancient village, which just so happens to be close to the country’s highest mountain, Serra da Estrela, is aptly titled the “Most Portuguese Town in Portugal”, most likely thanks to its unbelievably unique construction, rich history and authentic food.

The most Portuguese town in Portugal

You see, in Monsanto, rocks are utilized as homes, shops, walls, staircases and even rooftops.

Though the town earned the nickname in 1938, traditional dishes like octopus with olive oil, snails and Portuguese wine are routinely served today and the castle that once belonged to the Knights Templar still stands.

Blue skies, green grass and bright roofs add beautiful color and contrast to the grey rocks.


And if the residents of Monsanto want to change anything about their appearance of the home, built to accommodate the rocks, they must ask for permission. To be honest, we don’t see anything they’d need to change — the little quirks are what make the town so absolutely quaint.

And the view from Monsanto? We don’t mind it one bit. See you soon, Portugal!

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Orignal Images by © Retinafunk, © Marije, Peru eta Lili and © Javier Habladorcito; lead image © Getty Images