Pot Belly Laughter


With an energy like no other she steps into the room bringing positive vibes larger than her petite body can contain. The grin on her face looks like she has eaten a bowl of smiles for breakfast.

Kimon Bisogno is faced with an audience of bewildered faces not knowing what to expect. It is a hard task convincing the team that the following exercise is going to be fun. She starts them off with some breathing exercises and before you know it, the whole room is bursting with laughter. That is the whole point – mission complete.

Pot Belly Laughter

Kimon offers laughter yoga, or as she describes it in her less intimidating term, creative laughter. She believes that the word yoga puts people in the train of thought that they would be sitting in a lotus position uncomfortably while trying to breath.

Laughter yoga is not about getting into all kinds of awkward positions but it does focus on breathing, hence the word yoga has been incorporated. But the main focus is getting you to laugh.

“Laughter yoga still uses the original yoga breathing technique as we breathe in and out through yoga. Real and fake laughter have the same benefits and is still a natural painkiller,” Kimon said.

Schooled in graphic design, Kimon surrounds herself with creativity by doing the laughter yoga part-time as well as being an artist and running her Italian pizzeria with her boyfriend.

Practicing laughter yoga for the past two years, it has always been a dream of Kimon to find a way to exercise this technique, which was discovered by Dr Kataria. But it wasn’t until she worked in the corporate world that she got the push she needed to actually do it.

“I was working in a stressful environment in retail, the environment was so cold and icy and I wished we could just laugh or release tension. When I left I decided that I should do it,” she said.

Kimon describes one of the best moments of her life as being able to go back to her old place of work and give a laughter yoga session.


One of her techniques she uses for breaking the ice or easing tension is to bring Ferdinando, her canine partner who follows her wherever she goes. She explained that whenever she walked Ferdinando, people would always gravitate towards him, hence making him part of the attraction.

If you are in need of some relaxing laughter but are not sure, why not come on down to one of her free sessions every Tuesday morning from 07:30 to 08:00 in De Waterkant, Green Point.

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