Pros and cons of visiting and living in Portugal?

Pros and cons of visiting and living in Portugal

There are always Positives and Negatives when visiting or living in a country. Take South Africa, a positive would be how beautiful it is, and negative the crime.

Sara Silva, a lady born and raised in Portugal and who loves her country very much gives us a list of pros and cons to living or visiting Portugal.

She is almost spot on with all the points she has given and there isn’t much one could add to the list. When looking at the list we can all agree on almost everything she has written.


  • Portugal is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe (yes, i know i’m biased…) and for such a small one, it has amazing diversity in terms of patrimony, environment, food, people, traditions and so on…
  • The food? Don’t even get me started on how good it is. You have something for everyone, from heavy meat (Posta Mirandesa) to delicate fish dishes (Arroz de Bacalhau). Vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic? You have plenty of options too.
  • The transport system is not bad; between most cities you have quite a few trains (most of them quite comfortable), a good bus network, and many cities are now bike&skate-friendly.
  • The people. We are weird. We speak loudly. We say what we think and we mean what we say. Saudade, Fado and Nostalgia are always there, lurking around our conversations or so I’ve heard.


  • Bureaucracy: everywhere, every-time! We should be called “the country of useless papers”.
  • Unstable political environment. In one word: corruption. Lots of it. And years of poor decisions by our government and by us, the people who put them there…
  • Unemployment and work conditions. This is unfortunately a big reality still. For a country with such specialized high level workforce, we have an unemployment rate that will scare anyone thinking about living here… This greatly contributed to a second great wave of migration from Portuguese youth.

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