Rare Portuguese ewer resurfaces

Ceremonial ewer

When we think of the Renaissance period, what comes to mind? Surely big names such as Michael Angelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael come to mind.

If we were to think of the famous art that came from that era, we can easily mention the David statue, Mona Lisa, The Last Supper on so forth.

The problem is, these are all Italian and we forget that this period had an influence on all European countries.

Now, newly found, a rare silver-gilt ewer, thought to be lost, has been restored once more for public display. This ewer is from Portugal and is believed to date back to 1520.

Before 2012, it was last seen in a public exhibition in Lisbon in 1882, believed to be on loan to Fernando II, king of Portugal at the time.

The ewer showcases many mythical creatures such as a sphinx as well as mortal men.

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