Record cocaine bust in the archipelago

Record cocaine bust in the archipelago

Drug smuggling is a near impossible crime to prevent, when one get’s busted another three pop up. This is a huge problem but the authorities must just keep doing what they can to prevent it.

The police in Lisbon Portugal are getting some results where they made a record cocaine seizure of 1.15 tons that was hidden on a boat near Faial island in the Azores. This is one of the biggest seizure’s of its kind in the archipelago.

After arresting five men News24 were told the operation was part of “a major effort to detect, fight and dismantle organised criminal groups that are bringing cocaine into Europe”, the police said. But the police weren’t able to reveal the five men’s nationalities.

Portugal has a long history of drug seizures because many smugglers use the coastline as a gateway into Europe. Previous accounts saw 600KGs seized on October 16,  2 tons seized in October 2010 and 6.1 tons seized in November 2005.

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