Released lynx dies in Portugal

iberian lynx found dead in portugal

The most threatened of felines has passed away after being released back into the wild. It is reported that the Iberian lynx had not even lasted a month before its lifeless body was discovered near Mértola on Thursday.

What made things more shocking for the team at the breeding-programme was that the lynx had been monitored just a few hours before its untimely death. The ICNF workers also concluded that the feline was in a good healthy condition and could not understand how this could have happened so suddenly.

“We really don’t know how compatible the species will be with agricultural/ forestry activities, as information has been excessively simplified”, said the statement from the NGO.

Speculations have run wild as to the death of the lynx. Some wonder if there were enough healthy rabbits for the lynx to feed on as this is a staple diet of the creature. Others suspect that it could have been killed by farmers or herders who found the feline coming too close for comfort.

Whatever the reason of death, it remains unknown and the matter is being investigated further.