Rexam creates Portuguese designs for Portuguese beer cans

Rexam creates Portuguese designs for Portuguese beer cans

Are you a fan of beer? Craft beer? or do you like to collect beers from all over the world? Well, a company called Rexam, that designs cans has just done one of the most beautiful designs for a Portuguese Beer brand, Sagres.

The design is done in a traditional portuguese flavour but of course with a more funky edge that only Rexam can deliver. Take a look at some of their other designs here.

The 33cl aluminium cans were designed by Joana Vasconcelos, an artist with a bold view in an attempt to capture our Portuguese cultural diversity in 10 regions of Portugal.

This comes across very strongly in the can design and they are definitely capturing the talent Portugal has to offer, as you know Portugal has a huge amount of artists and talent, for some examples, see our previous articles on artists such as Artur Bordalo and Odeith.

[quote_center]“We are thrilled with how Rexam was able to provide a packaging format to display our ten fantastic eye-catching designs that illustrate our patriotism and pride in our culture. The cans have great stand-out on shelf and we know our customers will love them. Working alongside a like-minded brand that shares our values of innovation and commitment to sustainability was key in helping us to choose the right partner.” said Raul Simão, Sagres marketing manager.[/quote_center]

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