Robben Island to go solar

Robben Island to go solar

Robben Island will be a forerunner in a project that will soon be implemented in other heritage sights should it be successful.

It was announced by the government yesterday that the prison home to the late Nelson Mandela will run solely on solar power. The Island is a Unesco world heritage which will pilot the project. According to Tourism Minister, Derek Hanekom, other areas such as the country’s national parks, botanical gardens and other heritage sights will follow suit.

Currently, the island is making use of diesel-powered electricity.

Hanekom further said that the 15 million dollar initiative is to combat the demand for electricity.

He said that it contributes “towards our countrywide effort to reduce the electricity demand and to start shifting towards efficient energy use and renewable energy use”.

“The 9.5 million visitors welcomed into South Africa last year contributed to creating a better life for all South Africans,” he further explained.

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