Ronaldo aims at Holywood


The bright lights of Real Madrid’s Bernabeu stadium may be a scenario that Cristiano Ronaldo may want swap for the Hollywood spotlights when he hangs up his boots.

Unlike many football professionals who became successful in coaching Ronaldo is aiming at being a movie star, which after showing acting skills in modeling and endorsement of top brands seems a coherent choice.

Cristiano Ronaldo has made no secret that he intends to pursue a completely new career when he commented recently in an interview that “I know that when I retire I will have a good life. I do not say that because I have a lot of money, I say it because I will try new things. For example, I want to try making movies.”

Regarded as the best footballer in the world and boasting five Ballon d’Or awards Ronaldo has been planning for his retirement since an early stage of his illustrious career spanning 14 years.

“I have my companies: my hotels, my gyms, my line with Nike. I want to learn to be a businessman.”

It is not unusual for celebrities in sports becoming big successes in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson, currently one of the highest paid movie actors, was an American football player and a wrestling champion, is one of the many successful sportsman that made it big the cinema world.

Besides being a shrewd businessman ,Cristiano Ronaldo is an icon that the world will want to see in the big screen.