Ryan O’Connor lets the prego do the talking

Ryan O'Conner makes waves at Broadway

In the spirit of brotherhood, the Broadway Confectionery and Deli, also known as the “Portuguese Embassy” was abuzz with social activity.

Despite the cold weather the group were warm in spirit as the Amigos Portugueses shared great conversations and laughs over some breakfast. Known for making great traditional Portuguese foods such as pregos and pasteis de nata, the crowd was kept happy.


From the airwaves, came one special guest in particular to try out what the Deli had to offer. Ryan O’Connor from Kfm’s Breakfast show made a stop to say hello to the boys, take a few pictures and grab a bite.

“They make the best pastries so I had to try the prego rolls. It’s my first time here but I will come back. I will try and bring the whole team,” said Ryan.


Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.