Sagres, 55 years serving the Portuguese Navy


The school ship Sagres celebrated on Monday 55 years of serving the Portuguese Navy.

In these 55 years in the service of Portugal the tall ship travelled 613,519 miles, did 100.957 hours of navigation, visited 60 countries and docked in 168 ports.

The three-masted ship was launched under the name Albert Leo Schlageter on 30th October 1937 at Blohm & Voss in Hamburg for Germany‘s Kriegsmarine.

The ship had an adventurous past ,when it was put into ocean-going service in 1944 for the German Navy in the Baltic Sea, where she hit a soviet mine and had to be towed to port .

At the end of World War II, Albert Leo Schlageter was handed over to the United States and after three years was ceded to Brazil’s Navy to bear the name Guanabara.

This name remained until 1962, when it was acquired by Portugal and was baptized as “Sagres”.

There were other two school ships in the Portuguese Navy with same name Sagres before 1961. The first was decommissioned and replaced by other ship that was destroyed by fire.

The present Sagres is the third ship bearing this name and she is sometimes referred to as Sagres III.

The Sagres Ship
The Sagres Ship

The Navy primary mission of the school ship Sagres is to train naval school cadets, future naval officers, for the life in the sea through the instructional trips aboard.

The school ship, which has carried out various around the world trips, also performs the Portuguese Navy mission of representing the country, working as “itinerant Embassy of Portugal”.


O navio escola Sagres celebrou na passada segunda-feira 55 anos ao serviço da Marinha Portuguesa.

Nestes 55 anos ao serviço de Portugal o navio escola Sagres percorreu 613.519 milhas, realizou 100.957 horas de navegação, visitou 60 países e atracou em 168 portos

O veleiro Sagres foi construído em 1937 nos estaleiros Blohm & Voss, em Hamburgo, na Alemanha, tendo recebido o nome de Albert Leo Schlageter participando em operacoes  navais para marinha de guerra germanica .

No final da 2ª. Guerra Mundial, Albert Leo Schlageter foi entregue aos Estados Unidos e ao fim de três anos foi cedido à Marinha do Brasil onde passou a ostentar o nome de Guanabara.

Este nome permaneceu até 1962, ano em que foi adquirido por Portugal, que o batizou como “Sagres”.

A principal missão do Navio-Escola Sagres é possibilitar o contacto com a vida no mar aos cadetes da Escola-Naval, os futuros oficiais da Marinha, através das viagens de instrução a bordo do navio.

O navio escola, que já realizou três voltas ao mundo, tem também como missão a representação da Marinha e do país, funcionando como “embaixada itinerante de Portugal”.

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