Second Luso-descendant ‘discovered’ in Parliament


Although the SONA (State of the National Address) this year showed an unpleasant face of Parliament where Members of Parliament were ejected from the Parliamentary Chamber, it was not all bad news.

SONA proved to be an occasion where Manny de Freitas, Luso-descendant Member of Parliament (MP), indicated that he is not the only Luso-descendant in the National Assembly. “I am excited to learn that my colleague and friend, Tarnia Baker, who is the DA’s spokesperson on Water and Sanitation, is also a Luso-descendant,” explained de Freitas.

De Freitas said that Tarnia is grand-daughter to the late António José de Quintal originally from Madeira. Tarnia is an MP representing Mpumalanga.

De Freitas said that it is exciting to “discover” Luso-descendants as in many cases their names and surnames do not always indicate that they are of Portuguese origin.

Manny de Freitas
DA Member of Parliament; Shadow Minister of Home Affairs and Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South