Shawn Mendes, a Portuguese heart throb

Shawn Mendes, a Portuguese heart throb

Shawn Mendes is quite a heart throb sensation and has been making waves since 2013, after he released album covers on the video sharing application, Vine.

Since then, his following grew and he managed to land a record deal after capturing the attention of Andrew Gertler & Island Records A&R Ziggy Chareton.

Now, this might sound similar to Justin Bieber’s story, who got discovered on Youtube  but the funny thing is that both Shawn and Justin share a birth country- Canada.

Shawn is able to play the piano and guitar and is only 16 years old. We predict Bieber fever making way to Mendes mania.

Even though he’s Canadian, Shawn’s mother is English and his father Manuel, is of Portuguese descent, from Lagos.