SOFI TUKKER music with a blend

SOFI TUKKER music with a blend

SOFI TUKKER, a New York-based duo, taking the world by storm with their blend of Brazilian Bossa nova, Portuguese folk, West African guitar hooks and German tech house.

They are new to the music industry with only two singles out so far, but with the blend we can see why their music appeals to almost any audience.

SOFI TUKKER treats audiences to a visually appealing tree like structure that Tukker uses as a standing beat pad.

“The tree branches holds books from the Portuguese poet that helped us write the lyrics for the first two singles. We tried a lot of different things, we even tied fruit to the ends for while. We went through a lot of cantaloupe until it was just too difficult to maintain, so we ended up with the books” Hawley-Weld

Their current singles have already had a commanding presence in the Top 3 of Italian radio playlists. In 2016, they’ve recently went on tour in support of The Knocks, after being signed to their label, HeavyRoc Music. Later this spring, they are looking to release the full EP with more tracks in English and a few more in Portuguese.

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