Spain’s expansion on Portugal


Who wants to rule the world? Well, it seems like Spain is taking a shot at owning a little bit more of it with their latest proposal to the United Nations.

Spain has sent a proposal to the United Nations with the request to expand their territory between the Canary Islands and Madeira. This expansion would see Spain increasing by 296 000 square kilometres.

But this is not all, it seems as though the Spaniards are also showing an interest in Portugal’s Savage Islands.

“This will be the largest sovereign expansion since Christopher Columbus”, said marine geologist, Luis Somoza Losada.

The savage Islands have been part of Portuguese territory since 1438, which is interestingly the same year the first person set foot on Madeira.

One would think that Portugal would be up in arms with regards to this but it seems like Portugal and Spain believe there is a way to satisfy both nations.

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