Portugal the coolest country in the world?


Spanish newspaper El Confidencial has rated Portugal ‘the coolest country in the world’, praising its technological innovation, tourism, sport and ability for dialogue with other countries, and also said it is “an example to be followed.”

El Confidencial’s report highlights Portugal’s political, cultural and social success as well as its sporting prowess and decreasing unemployment.
“The Portuguese language has recovered its relevance and the trophy of European Champions shines behind the glass, while institutions elsewhere copy [Portugal’s] model of decriminalizing drug use, and tourism fills the streets”, the piece praised, adding that Portugal also has “a former Prime Minister in the UN, and its parties talk to each other and reach agreements.”

The newspaper further suggests uniting the Iberian Peninsula.

Jay Fernandes
Master’s Degree G. Ph. from the University of Lisbon. Academic and teacher. Television , radio and press reporter / commentator