Staying warm in the dark

Staying warm in the dark

With loadshedding putting many South African’s in the dark, it can be hard to stay optimistic.

With no electricity comes no television, no computers, no means of charging your cellphone etc.

But one of the big things that loadshedding curtails is the ability to keep warm and especially with the kind of weather we have been having. This weekend looks to be no brighter than the last few days but here are some ways you can still beat the cold.

If you have no water bottle, you can heat bricks up and wrap them in a blanket or town so that they do not burn you. Just be careful when touching the bricks because they can get quite hot.

Taking a hot bath is also a good idea, it gives you the time to that alone time that you have always wanted or to share the moment with that special someone.

Now, we are not endorsing you to go mad and drink like crazy but  one or two glasses of wine should be suffice to bring the body temperature to an optimum level.

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