Stellenbosch offers multilingualism

Stellenbosch offers multilingualism
The Ou Hoofgebou (former main administration building) on Stellenbosch University campus - by Dfmalan

When one thinks of Stellenbosch University what is the first thing that comes to mind? Afrikaans?

Well, this is a stereotype that the university would like to put to bed with their latest initiative involving multilingualism.

The days of the university being labelled as an Afrikaans university are soon to be numbered with plans expecting to take off in full swing as soon as next year and the year after.

English and Afrikaans will be taught equally, especially in their undergrad courses.

Council chairman, George Steyn, had the following to say, “The Afrikaans offering will be increased, but without excluding non-Afrikaans speakers. The manner in which Stellenbosch University will manage multilingualism in future will create a unique distinguishing advantage because we will take the context, the academic programme and the students’ needs into consideration. The objective is to facilitate optimal learning and teaching for all South Africans.”

So there you have it, if you’re English speaking and looking for a tertiary education, you don’t have to trek all the way to UCT.

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Chilton Mellem
Editor, With a National Diploma in Journalism from CPUT and experience as a newspaper reporter, Chilton shares Dino’s passion for the Portuguese community in South Africa.