Stretches to relieve back pain

Stretches to relieve back pain

If you are an active person, then you might find yourself suffering constantly from lower back pain. This might be annoying but there are a few stretches one can do to remedy this problem.

The best position to get rid of the pain is to seat yourself in the lotus position with your feet touching each other. It is recommended that you keep your feet together for 30 seconds before getting out of the position.

Another position you can try is to lay on the ground and lift your leg straight up in the air. You may use your hands to support your leg in keeping it up. Keep each leg up in the air for 30 seconds, giving each leg two turns.

Once again, lay flat on your back and bring your knee to your chest, you can use your hand to keep it there as well. Each leg gets a 30 second turn as well.

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