Students honours 600-year-old bond

Students honours 600-year-old bond

Not a lot of people might know this but there is a real strong bond between Portugal and England.
This is thanks to the oldest alliance in the world which has lasted for centuries.

The Anglo-Portuguese Alliance was honoured by a class of 30 students at A Sé school in the centre of Oporto. The students at the school designed colourful handmade postcards, which should be handed over to the Anglo-Portuguese Alliance.

The postcards were created at a workshop which aimed at educating the students about the bond that was formed. An art historian and architect informed the students about the 600-year-old bond.

The city of Oporto played a huge role in maintaining that bond.

“We designed these postcards with friendship… to show you some of the buildings, places, ideas and echoes of the past that still exist in Porto and that still tell us so much about the pact between Portugal and England,” said a note in a brightly coloured school letter.

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