Teacher buys Portuguese island

Teacher buys Portuguese island
Images sourced from D. Renato Barros

I am sure at one stage we all wanted to rule the world or even become president. While all of these are admirable dreams, one man has made his dream become a reality.

Renato Barros, a humble art teacher has bought an island within the region of Madeira. If you are wondering how a 56-year-old school teacher managed to buy an island, then we shall enlighten you. Renato, or Prince Renato II as he has dubbed himself (much like Napoleon Bonaparte if you ask me) sold much of his possessions to buy the one-bedroom house sized island as nobody wanted to finance him.


If you are wondering why he calls himself Prince Renato, it’s because he has turned this island into a country and declared himself the Monarch. Roberto even has a passport for the island, which goes by the name of the Principality of the Pontinha.

 “I am whatever I want to be – that’s the dream, isn’t it,” he said. “If I decide I want to have a national song, I can choose it, and I can change it any time. The same with my flag – it could be blue today, red tomorrow. Of course, my power is only absolute here, where I am the true sovereign.” He said.

All hail his highness, Prince Renato ll.

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