The key to a happier life

the key to a happier life

Being happy in life is far easier said than done, especially in a world where material wealth seems to be the only way to gauge success.

When we see someone who is thriving in life while we do not even seem to be scratching the surface of “success”, it can be a hard pill to swallow. Make no mistake; we all search for something to make us happy.

Many times when pursuing what makes us happy we end up feeling emptier.

Dr Jeffrey Guterman, a mental health counsellor suggests that the key to happiness is self-acceptance.

Things might not always be running smoothly but as long as one is self-acceptant, without the need of approval from others, we become happier.

This is not always easy to do but what we can do certain things to help.

One would be to always have an attitude of gratitude, it is important to be grateful for the things and people that we have in our life. Next is to let go of your regrets, hopefully you have learnt from your past mistakes, but the truth is, you can’t change the past. One thing that is so hard to do is to stop comparing. We are all running our own race in life’s journey so comparing ourselves to others can often be unfair. Most importantly, celebrate the little things in life; after all, if we are happy with a little, surely more will come.

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