What’s the small pocket in front of your jeans


Everyone knows the small pocket that is sewn in the front of your jeans above your right side pocket, you know the one where you can barely put two fingers in it.

Do you know why that pocket is there? Well on a website called Quora somebody posted that exact question. Here is the best answer:

“It’s a watch pocket. Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcoats. To keep them from getting broken, Levi’s introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch.”

But that’s not all, another member of the site also responded saying that the watch pocket is out dated and then follows up with different uses for the “Watch Pocket”.

Use it as a coin pocket: Although it’s a bit deep which makes it difficult to reach, you can still put your small change in the pocket. The depth is actually beneficial as your coins won’t fall out very easily.

Use it as a music player pocket: It’s great to hold a small iPod or mp3 player.

Use it as a comb pocket: You can fit a small comb in there for any hair emergencies.

Use it as a floss pocket: A small pack of floss can fit in there for spinach-in-teeth emergencies. Alternatively it’s great for storing toothpicks. Just be careful not to prick yourself!

Use it as a mouth freshener pocket: A small pack of gum or mouth-freshener can fit in there perfectly.

Use it as a plectrum holder: Plectrums are so easy to lose. Never lose them again with your very own plectrum pocket!

Use it for your favourite cosmetics: It’s great as a lipstick or lip balm pocket. Alternatively, it can store a small tube of mascara, or even a small mirror. A nail file also fits snugly in here but beware if you’re going to be sitting – these may snap if not strategically placed!

Use it as plaster pocket: Perfect for band-aids. Recommended for clumsy folks.

Use it as tissue pocket: You never know when you might need one.


Use it as a USB memory stick pocket

Use it as ticket pocket: The technical tailoring term for the watch pocket is a “ticket pocket” and this is quite apt because you can genuinely use it for ticket-storing purposes. You can use it for train tickets, bus tickets or cinema tickets. Warning: Only put tickets in here if you don’t mind them getting very crumpled.

Use it as a Swiss army knife pocket: In case you need a can opener or corkscrew at a second’s notice.

Use it as a pen/pencil holder: Stick a little folded piece of paper or notebook in there alongside that pen or pencil and you’re set for all urgent note-taking eventualities. Talking of pieces of paper, this pocket is also fantastic to store shopping lists.

Use it as a snack holder: It’s the perfect size to put a small snack bar.

Use it as a wand holder: For extreme Harry Potter fans.

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