Things that go bump in the night


Getting a good night’s sleep is critical, but unfortunately, that is not always possible.
Sometimes, nightmares occur, hindering us from a night of peace. As you might know by now, nightmares occur during the rapid eye movement (REM) stage of our sleep. It is here where all our most inner feelings of anxiety, stress and terror are divulged into the subconscious.
According to research, adult dreams are mostly pseudonightmarish, this means that they are the victim and would find themselves being endangered. These would be things like being trapped in an elevator, facing natural disasters or losing parts of us like teeth.
According to Dr Irshaad Ebrahim, Specialist Neuropsychiatrist in Sleep Disorders at the Constantia Sleep Centre, females get nightmares more frequently than males.
A few hints to get fewer nightmares is to relax while you are awake, if you are someone who stresses, then that is something you should try and do less. Exercise is good for you in general and will also help with nightmares.

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