Three people per hour suffer a stroke


Three people every hour suffer a stroke in Portugal, which is the main cause of death or incapacity in the country, with women at greatest risk.

According to the Portuguese Stroke Society (SPAVC), the incidence of stroke (new cases) has fallen, but prevalence (total cases) has increased, mainly because the number of stroke survivors has increased in the last decade.

To mark National Stroke Day on Friday, the SPAVC noted that three Portuguese people have a stroke every hour, one of which does not survive and at least one will suffer incapacitating consequences. Women are at an overall greater risk of stroke, particularly because of their longer life expectancy.

“The woman is generally older, functionally more dependent and has more serious strokes,” Teresa Cardoso, coordinator of the Stroke Study Unit of the Internal Medicine Society. Dr. Cardoso noted that women also have a worse prognosis in functional terms compared to men and lower quality of life after a stroke.