Tiana Pereira hot on the heels of Elsa Pena at Arnold Classic


The Arnold Sports Festival is an annual multisport event celebrating numerous sporting codes. It is named after the legendary professional body-builder, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

This flagship event is a four-day affair held every springtime in Columbus, Ohio, featuring a bodybuilding and fitness tournament and a three-day Fitness Expo.

This exciting event was launched in South Africa as a multisport and exhibition extravaganza. The inaugural event was held in Johannesburg from 27 – 29 May and the iconic professional body-builder Arnold Schwarzenegger was the guest of honour at the event.


Tiana Pereira (centre of the featured image) is born and bred in Cape Town to parents of Portuguese origins. It’s incredible to believe how far she has come in such a short space of time. Tiana, our very own local Portuguese woman bodybuilder set herself a goal.

In March 2015, she took part in her first ever bodybuilding competition in Cape Town called the Shameen Classic. Tiana managed to take 1st place in the fitness bikini category and as a result she received her invite to compete in the ARNOLD CLASSIC 2016.

With the Arnold Classic being an invite only competition and also being one of the biggest competitions in the world other than the Olympia, this was a was a massive accolade and opportunity for her.

Tiana Pereira

After months of intense training and a strict dietary regime, Tiana flew up to Johannesburg last Thursday to register. On Saturday 28th May she took part in the Arnold Classic Amateur Body Building show, in the Fitness Bikini under 163cm division.

Tiana in her second ever competition saw herself come up against 10 other girls in her height lineup. Tiana managed to place 3rd just behind two international girls who have both won National Championships and placed in previous Arnold Classics. The winner in her category was none other than veteran Portuguese competitor, Elsa Pena.

Left: Tiana Pereira ∙ Middle: Elsa Pena ∙ Right: Kim Gutierrez

1st place: Elsa Pena – (Portugal National Champion) who also won the Fitness bikini over 35yrs category on Friday.
2nd place: Kim Gutierrez (Chile National Champion)
3rd Place: Tiana Pereira

“I was very happy with my placing and looking forward to many competitions to come” Tiana said. She also managed to top some girls that had won SA champs last year.

Far right: Tiana Pereira

Tiana is currently looking for sponsors who could assist her with nutrition and supplements as she is hopeful of doing the SA Champs later this year.

Contact Tiana on her social media:
Facebook – www.facebook.com/tiana.pereira
Instagram – www.instagram.com/tianapereira