Too much salt gives kidneys work

Too much salt gives kidneys work

We can all agree that if your food tastes a bit bland, you might want to consider using salt to add some vigour.

But some of us are aware that sometimes, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Too much salt has inflated one of the biggest things that South Africans struggle with… high blood pressure.

You see, the kidneys regulate the amount of water in our bodies by using the minerals it gets from salt. The more salt we take in, the more water is retained in the body. Once that happens, the kidneys have to work extra hard at pushing out the excess.

If you are wondering what the recommended amount of salt intake for the day is, then wonder no more, it is 69mg. Which is way less than a teaspoon of salt which is 2 300mg. If you do not suffer with high blood pressure then your body will still be able to cope with this amount.

But don’t take this for granted, remember to always get your blood pressure tested regularly.

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