Top Trending Google searches in 2014

Top Trending Google searches in 2014

Picture this; you’re at a braai or your favourite hangout spot with your mates. The conversation on a specific topic is going well until two of you have two different facts about the same thing. What do you do?

I am willing to bet my salary that the first thing people do is to get out their cell phones right after someone says, “just Google it”.

Yes, this search engine has integrated itself quite well into our lives. Not only does it end arguments such as the latter but kids use it to find information on assignments and yes, Google was an indispensible tool when I was writing my thesis.

Sometimes we just want to reference something quickly and before we know it, we have Googled it.

With that said, I am sure you would love to know what the most trending searches were for this year, so here it is:

  1. Senzo Meyiwa
  2. Ebola
  3. Robin Williams
  4. Oscar Pistorius
  5. World Cup 2014
  6. Kelly Khumalo
  7. IEC
  8. Big Brother Mzansi
  9. Joan Rivers
  10. Michael Shumacher

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Chilton Mellem
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