Tourist tries to swim to cruise ship in Funchal

Tourist tries to swim to cruise ship in Funchal

Do you ever get the urge to swim to a cruise ship that is just off the coast? How many of you have said, I can swim that far?

Well a 65 year old British woman tried and failed, and all this because she got into a fight with her husband. Susan Brown was plucked out of the Atlantic about midnight on Saturday some 500 metres from the coast, fully clothed, shivering and clinging to a small bag.

Fisherman Marildo Freitas came to the rescue after he was alerted by her cries for help.

Correio da Manha reported the woman and her husband had earlier disembarked from the Marco Polo at Portugal’s Funchal port and decided to fly back to Britain after having an argument.

But upon arriving at the airport, the British woman reportedly saw the Lisbon-bound cruise liner passing near the shore and wrongly thought her husband may have been back on board.

She jumped into the water about 8pm local time and started swimming towards the ship. She was saved at 12:30am with her saviour claiming that she was about 30mins away from death. She was sent to the hospital with hyperthermia.

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