Annual Blessing of the Vines

Trip through the vineyards in Stellenbosch

We invite you to join us for the 16th Annual Blessing of the Vines which will take place on Nagenoeg Farm on Saturday, 24 January 2015. Everyone and anyone is welcome. We encourage all our friends to bring their families and friends to this event. Even if you are a stranger you are most welcome, all we ask is please introduce yourselves! We would love to meet you!

Mass will be said in St Anthony’s Chapel and will begin at 11h00, followed by a ride through the vineyards for the actual blessing. This Mass is the important part of the event, where we pray for a good harvest and for a blessing of all involved in the harvest and those who work on the farm. We would like to encourage everyone to please attend the service!

Mass will be said in memory of two special people: We will remember the late Archbishop Lawrence Henry, who said mass last year and who suddenly passed away a mere 5 weeks later. His jokes and jovial nature will be sorely missed. It will also be in memory of Awie Willemse, a dedicated worker for 44 years on the farm and who died earlier this year after a long illness.

The Mass will be followed by a ride through the vineyards with a procession of tractors with trailers, trucks, bakkies (Pick-up-Trucks) and even ordinary cars. We will drive through the vineyards at a slow speed and stop at regular intervals for photo opportunities and to admire the views. This is and will not be a guided tour but we encourage old and young to join in. This will take about 30 to 40 minutes! You are welcome to use your own vehicle (remember you will be driving on farm roads), but it is really fun to go on the tractor trailers or on the lorry.

Thereafter, we will proceed to the oak forest for a picnic under the trees. Last year the picnic was moved from the crowded lawn at the homestead to the forest. The kids can still enjoy the pool but we do want to encourage you to relax under the oaks. This forest was planted in 1994 with love and we would like you to enjoy your picnic under them!

A collection will be held at the picnic and we encourage you to donate to this as we do not charge anything for the preparations of the venue or the clean-up afterwards. The money will go to St Anthony’s Chapel Fund and will be used for the up keep of the chapel and also for sponsoring school clothes for the farm kids and other necessary school fees like educational tours and extra courses. It is a fund that we have created for the community!

Please bring your own picnic basket, blankets, chairs and wine.

This is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a day picnicking on a farm with friends and family in a safe environment. Even if we do not know you, you are most welcome!

As this is a wine farm, please bring wine and not beer. The wine industry is suffering so we would like you to enjoy the fruits of the grape rather than beer!


Any queries please contact Schalk on 021 855 5767 or 082 414 8333 or via e-mail at

Schalk Visser
Photographer / Farmer, Reluctant farmer frustrated architect. Born and bred Afrikaans. Discovered Madeira in 1988 and fell in love with the island. He bought an old house in Canhas near Ponta do Sol. Calls himself the BOEREGEES! He had three photo exhibitions on Madeira in Madeira and the last exhibition is currently in Japan.