Umbrella Street fever in the air

Agueda Portugal umbrella street

Just one month to go! Can you believe it? Are you ready for the journey?

What am I talking about you might be thinking to yourself right about now, obviously I’m talking about the colourful, imaginative, exciting and creative Umbrella Street that takes over in the months of July to September.


This wonderful Umbrella Sky Project that was created by Sextafeira Produções back in 2012 is really something to marvel at. Every year more and more people are flocking down to the streets of Agueda, Portugal just to see the beauty that is the Umbrella Street.

But beauty is not the only thing the hundreds of colourful umbrellas bring, it also protects passersby from the harmful sun’s rays and also in case of rain. But that’s just the obvious facts, these umbrellas also promote trade, commerce, and the region itself without spending too much money, designers say.


But that’s what Sextafeira do, they create various urban installations using low-cost concepts. And this is one that obviously stands out and can put other art exhibitions to shame.

So are you traveling this year to see the array of colours in Agueda?