Underwater pyramid discovered near Portugal

underwater pyramid found near portugal

Thought that the pyramids only belonged to the Egyptians and the Mayans? Well think again, because a pyramid has been discovered within the region of Portugal.

What makes this pyramid unique is that it is the first underwater pyramid. Also, nobody knows who built the structure. It is however, estimated that the pyramid could date back to about 20 000 years. That means that it would have been around during the ice age.

Currently, the Portuguese Hydrographic Institute of the Navy are left with the task of analysing the 60 metre tall relic. The base of the pyramid is also measured to be a staggering 80 000 square metres.

The Pyramid was discovered by Diocleciano Silva in between the islands of São Miguel and Terceira in the Azores.

There have been some thoughts as to whether the structure is manmade or has it been built by another life source, who knows?

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  1. Actually, this is old news and it was proved by the Portuguese navy that it was just an underwater mountain. The guy who discovered had sonar equipment with low resolution giving the idea that the mount was pyramid shaped.

  2. Anyone with a brain can search for the truth in this post and will discover that there is absolutly no pyramid. Thing is, Mr, Dioclesano doesnt know how to read a sonar. It´s only a subaquatic montain.

  3. “Underwater pyramid discovered near Portugal”, Not near if it was discovered between S.Miguel and Terceira it is in Portugal.

    • Azores is Portugal, like Madeira and Ilhas Selvagens are both Portugal. Protugal territory is not only the continental coast. Portugal have Islands and this islands are Portugal.

  4. It’s proof that human civilization is much older than taught. Why don’t they want people to know that?