Unlucky strike for flight from Lisbon

unlucky strike for flight from lisbon

Ever wondered what it must be like to be struck by lightning? For the passengers on flight FR-2932, that natural disaster weaved its way into reality.

Ryanair, which offers a commute from Lisbon to Belgium twice a day, had nearly reached its destination at around 19:30 when it was struck by a bolt of lightning. According to the website, Aviation Herald, the plane was just about descending when the aircraft was struck in midair.

To everyone’s relief, the plane was able to make a safe landing despite the untimely whiplash from Mother Nature.

After a flight inspection, it was discovered that the plan had received some damage to the radome. This had resulted in them flying another Boeing 737-800 in to take care of the return flight.

The plane that had received damage was able to resume its normal services the following day.

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