Watch Cristiano Ronaldo play Soccer for GQ

Watch Cristiano Ronaldo play Soccer for GQ

This is for the ladies out there, but I’m sure men would also marvel at what GQ Magazine are calling the perfect body.

In the description of the video GQ says “Fine. So maybe the moves and the outfit aren’t the most practical for playing soccer. But Ronaldo is our Body Issue cover star—and for that, well, he’s damn near perfect.”

This video was recorded by GQ Magazine while Cristiano Ronaldo joined Brazilian supermodel and Victoria Secret angel Alessandra Ambrosio to grace the cover of the magazine’s body issue.


The cover of the magazine seen above has the title Nobel Prize winner for physical perfection RONALDO which looking at the video and images many out there would agree.

There are always sceptics though and looking at the cover a lot of those people called Photoshop on the abs. GQ themselves brought out another article showing the original photo and Photoshopped version side by side.


Now that the bases are covered here is the video you all been waiting for:

Check out: for more images from the photoshoot