What do a Porra and Boere Meisie have in common?


They are the owners of Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells, the only Rockabilly lifestyle festival of its kind in South Africa! I’m sure it’s the only Rockabilly festival in the world owned by a Porra and Boere Meisie.

It’s that time of the year again for South Africa’s premier Rockabilly event. Festival owners and organizers, Maria Vasco and Zigi Strydom have been hard at work ensuring that this year’s festival is even bigger and better at the West Coast Ostrich Ranch.


This lifestyle festival, better known as Dusty Rebels &The Bombshells (DRTB), celebrates a way of life, the people, clothes, music, cars, ideas and trimmings that go with it; is such a festival.

The idea behind the name Dusty Rebels & the Bombshells (DRTB):
DUSTY – One of the attractions will be cars and bikes; we believe DUST represents the outdoors/speed /dirt tracking.

REBELS – The Rockabilly followers are known to be REBELS not necessarily conforming to the everyday norm. They are uniquely different and equally passionate individuals.

BOMBSHELLS – The Gals of Rockabilly feature Burlesque and Pinups with class and feminine style.


Rockabilly has influenced popular culture since the fifties. Thanks in part to a resurgence in the music, the cars, burlesque, fashion and film of the era; DRTB is enjoying its third annual event, attended by rebels and bombshells, hotrods, ratrods, and more.


It’s a day out for the whole family and the festival runs for twelve hours showcasing, Miss Bombshell Betty Pin up Pageant, Classic Car and bike show, a fashion show that shows off the actual wares of the vendors on site, roller derby, The Dirt Track, burlesque ladies, some of the best genre bands in the city, bars, food vendors, kiddies tent, other vendors from surfboards, helmets, clothing and a Fun fair.


Dusty Rebels and the Bombshells happens on Saturday, 14 November 2015 at the West Coast Ostrich Farm. It is a single-day festival, but an overnight camping ticket is available. The festival happens between 12 noon and midnight.

So do yourself a favour and take out avô’s Valiant, with the familia, for an awesome festa!

Cape Town- 14th November 2015
Join & invite friends to our FB event page – www.facebook.com/events/1651263281758998/


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