What to do with Cecil John Rhodes

what to do with cecil john rhodes

There he sits alone on the Jamie steps, overlooking the Mother City with one of the best views from one of South Africa’s best universities.

Years have rolled over his head and for some reason; his imperialistic influences have only started to rile some emotion in students now.

I am sure by now you must have guessed who I am talking about, yes; it’s the statue of Cecil John Rhodes. This has become quite a touchy subject over the past week or so and many people had their own opinions of what should be done and what they think.

One thing is for sure, throwing excrement at a statue of a man who has died generations ago is not solving any problem.

Lately, Jan Van Riebeeck has also been a target of fault and he too, has a statue in the foreshore.

Not too far from him, is the statue of Bartolomeu Dias, who also set out from Portugal and landed in Mossel Bay in 1488. Let us hope that his statue will rest in peace.