Which country speaks the most Portuguese?

Which country speaks the most Portuguese?

Language can be a fascinating thing, I mean; we use it in our daily lives without even thinking twice about it.

Did you know that there are 7102 spoken languages that we know of today? They are spread among the 7.2 billion people that are on the earth.

Because English is so common, one would think that it is the most spoken language but unfortunately that is not true. However, it is the most learned language with more than more than a billion learners.

Here is where it gets interesting. There are 203 million Portuguese speakers worldwide. Yet, only five percent of those people live in Portugal. Yip, only five percent of the world’s Portuguese speakers are in Portugal. That means that there are 10 million Portuguese speaking people in Portugal.

Want to know which country has the most Portuguese speakers? If you guessed Brazil, then you would be right. Brazil has dominated the language with 187 million Portuguese speakers.

Coming in third is Mozambique with 1.4 million Portuguese speakers.

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