Will Team Furia get to the Championships?

Help Team Furia get to the Championships

Young talents are popping up all over the place, especially with the technology and social media of today, it is a lot easier to put your name out there.

Well a group of girls from South Africa are doing their bit in the world of Hip Hop. They call themselves Team Furia and recently took part in the South African Championships and took 1st place. There are 2 girls of Portuguese descent, Daniella das Neves and Gabriella de Gouveia, part of the 6 piece crew.


With the team winning 1st place they have qualified to present SA at the 2015 International World Fitness & Hip Hop Unite Championships to be held at St Martinique 1-5 Dec.


The Team includes : Bryn Botha, Gabriella de Gouveia, Skylah Esterhuizen, Daniella das Neves, Kirsty Manual and Kaitlin van Binsbergen

This is all good and well but it does cost money to get the girls to the event and unfortunately, there is no funds available from the South African Fitness Sport Federation and the athletes have to get donations to cover the expenses.


Team Furia are busy with Fundraisers in the form of raffles, donations etc. as every bit of a contribution would assist them getting there.

Please contact Simone Das Neves on 082 922 8002 for more information on how you can assist.

Facebook Page: Team-Furia