Witness the Dark Beauty of Portuguese Cinema

Witness the Dark Beauty of Portuguese Cinema

João Pedro Rodrigues born in Lisbon 1966 is a Portuguese film director whose activity started in 1997. He is considered to be part of The School of Reis film family.

Having studied at the School of Theatre and Cinema of Portugal, João Pedro Rodrigues started his career as an assistant director and editor in several features, directed, for example, by Alberto Seixas Santos and Teresa Villaverde, among others.


In 1997 João Pedro Rodrigues directed his first film and in 2000 directed his first feature-length film O Fantasma (Phantom). O Fantasma is a film dealing with affections in homosexuality, aimed at catering the demands of a growing influence of gays and gay culture within the Portuguese artistic circles. Besides the minor controversy it generated in Portugal, the film was shown in Spain, Italy, France, Brazil and USA with modest results.

Two Drifters was his next feature film in 2005 which obtained relative international acclaim and was shown at the Cannes Film Festival.

After Two Drifters, he became a household name on the international festival circuit thanks to acclaimed features like “To Die Like a Man” and “The Last Time I Saw Macao,” and he’s currently finishing up the editing process on his most exciting venture yet.


Entitled “The Ornithologist,” Rodrigues’ latest feature reinterprets a famous Portuguese myth that explores the life of religious figure Saint Antony. The script centers on a 40-year-old ornithologist named Fernando. He decides to go down a river in a kayak, hoping to find rare black storks, but is distracted by the beauty of the landscape. Fernando eventually gets overthrown by the streams and begins a trip in a river of no return.

The movie was shot between August and November of last year in the International Douro region of Portugal and in the Italian city of Padova. French César-nominee Paul Hamy stars in the title role.

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