Woman claims child tax from UK but living in Portugal

Woman claims child tax from UK but living in Portugal

Ana Cerqueira, was claiming child tax credits while living abroad. She was caught and has been ordered to pay the whole lot back.

The Department for Work and Pensions said the over payment amounted to £10,167.67 which she claimed while residing in Portugal.

Ana of Cater Way, Boston, pleaded guilty to claiming the fraudulent payment of tax credits under the Tax Credit Act 2002.

“We take a tough line on fraudsters because this minority of people are stealing from the public purse, money that is much needed for other vital services such as schools and hospitals.

“Our investigators have more powers than ever before, and that includes investigating individuals who live abroad.

“At best they will have to repay us all the money they have taken, at worst they will end up a criminal and in the pages of a newspaper.”

She was given an eight week prison sentence suspended for 12 months for obtaining the payment of a tax credit.

Matt Warman, Boston and Skegness MP, added: “Cases such as this should serve as a deterrent to all those, of whatever nationality, who are tempted to try to defraud the system. It’s good news that DWP is prepared to increasingly tackle crimes against the UK wherever they are committed, and it serves to remind people too that many of the reports of apparently absurdly generous benefits are inaccurate.”

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