World’s first wakeboarding resort to open in Portugal

World's first wakeboarding resort to open in Portugal

The world’s first wakeboarding resort will open in Castelo de Bode, Portugal, in June 2016.

The 600,000 euros investment will translate into six cable systems spread through the Castelo de Bode, the largest freshwater lake in Portugal. The cable systems will be connected by boat transfers, just like in ski resorts.

The 30-kilometer wakeboarding experience will allow riders to perform different tricks and maneuvers in multiple natural amphitheatres. The number of Portuguese wakeboarding enthusiasts is expected to double in less than a year.

“The construction of the resort allows riders to practice without being dependent on boat availability. When we make things easier for participants, we will likely attract new people to the sport. We want to position Portugal as a leading wakeboarding destination in Europe,” explained AndrĂ© Matos, president the Portuguese Wakeboard and Wakeskate Association.

“We started this process in 2014, with me and Andre looking at sites and checking things out. I can tell you that our expectations have been way exceeded. The crowd was awesome; the athletes were pumped. The entire country is giving people something to come back to, so this was probably one of our best events ever,” added Shannon Starling, president of the World Wakeboarding Association.

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