Young Portuguese Sevens squad show promise


This weekend saw the second round of the World Cup Rugby Sevens tournament take place in Cape Town at the Cape Town Stadium. The atmosphere was breath taking with plenty of supporters dressing up in support of their teams and some just dressed up because they could.

Portugal’s National Sevens team did not have the greatest of days but a lot of positives could be taken from the results. Portugal has a young National Team that has been put together by coach Antonio Aguilar who have just appeared in the first two stages of the World Tour.

This is due to a mandatory renewal that is done in a competitive environment and during these stages has tested new options in his under construction team.


Regarding the Cape Town tournament, Portugal started off with losses to Australia, United States and Wales in the group stage. Pedro Leal scoring a try in the game against United states and Vasco Batista scoring his first ever international try against Wales. This is a massive improvement as they only managed a few points in the first stage Dubai competition.

These scores are also not a great representation of the squads performances as most of the games in the first half they played considerably well, and then just lost concentration in the second half.

The second day saw them come up against the runners up in the Dubai tournament, losing 49 – 7 to England but again at half time they were keeping up with the team at 14 – 7 and then losing concentration in the second half. The Portuguese tested João Vaz Antunes and the conversion came from Captain Pedro Leal.


In the semi-finals of the Shield, against Russia, Portugal lost 38-5 but again showed loads of character and that hard work can come to fruition despite the uneven results.

The next round of the World Sevens Circuit is played in New Zealand. The Wellington tournament is scheduled for the end-of-week 30 to 31 January.